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Perfect for small rooms in the house like a guest bedroom, kid’s room, or the office. The Rainmate has a night light for the little ones and can be used as a noisemaker for the adults. Use any of our fragrances to fill the room with a nice aroma.

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Our customers love our products, but you don’t have to take our word for it…

My hubby and I did the 10 demo program not really knowing a lot of people here in Warner Robins. I am happy to report that we finished before time, received our check making our Rainbow FREE!! Thank you!
April Sansbury
Happy Customer
When I signed up for my demo I had no intention of buying it. I was just doing a favor for a friend. As the show went on my husband and I was so impressed by the Rainbow that by the time it was over and he was leaving to go hunting he said “Babe, I don’t care what else you do today but make sure you buy that machine”. And well, the rest is that I signed up for the program, got my machine, and successfully completed my 12 demos. I had 5 people buy one and many others who loved it. If you’re worried about the 2 sales, don’t be. You will have no trouble making those sales. The program was easy enough and the folks at the Bonair office worked as hard as I did to help me make sure I completed my program. Every time I had a question they were always there with an answer. So, I’d like to say thanks to them and the company for my Rainbow. I love it and I would not want to be without it!
Renee Lewis
Happy Customer
I was doing my demo to just help a friend out. I grew up with a rainbow vacuum but had no intentions of purchasing. Needless to say, it sold itself and I wrote a check that night. I participated in the program, earned all the additional pieces, and sold what I needed to in order to get my money back. No pressure either. Glad to be a part of the rainbow family.
Shae Roberts
Happy Customer

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