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Perfect for small rooms in the house like a guest bedroom, kid’s room, or the office. The Rainmate has a night light for the little ones and can be used as a noisemaker for the adults. Use any of our fragrances to fill the room with a nice aroma.

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Being a mom of 4 kiddos I needed to have this awesome machine! We did a rainbow demo to help my bestie out & my hubby told me we weren’t gonna buy! Anyway, let’s just say that the rainbow stayed at my house and it was all mine! Cleaning with this thing brings a whole new level to cleaning! My kids are messy with my couches and refuse to buy new ones. I don’t have to anymore all I do is clean them with my rainbow and they look good as new! I’m so glad I got this and finish all my demos in a breeze and even got my 13 demos and won my bonus check! Cha-ching!
Vanny Thompson
Happy Customer
Brandi and Marie as well as Jonathan made this experience with the Pot of Gold extremely rewarding. I set my mind to finish the program versus giving up when times got hard. We love our rainbow so much, it has made life so much easier when it comes to cleaning and living with a black lab. We love the way it makes our carpet feel and the different scents we can use to make the house smell good. We are benefiting from such a great product and also from an even better program. Thank you so much for being so patient with me and working just as hard to better the rainbow community! Everyone should have one!
Rey Holcomb
Happy Customer
We have had our Rainbow since June. We absolutely love it! We have 5 kids and a dog and a cat and this is the best cleaning machine we’ve ever owned. We also did the program and got our 7night resort vacation and our fat check. The program was really pretty easy. 7 out of 12 of our Demos sold with 3 of those that were A line sales. I would do it again in a minute! We are using our free vacation to take our girls to Disney as a graduation present. Thanks Rainbow for the awesome machine and our dream vacation!
Brian & Maria Patterson
Happy Customer


Answers for the questions customers ask the most…

We are affiliated with other Rainbow offices across the state of Georgia, small parts of neighboring states, and a few sister offices out west. Check out the map to see if we can request coverage for you from one of these offices. When an opportunity this good comes along, you just need to spread the news…now you’re able to spread it just a little bit further!

Please keep in mind when booking demos with other offices, your demo request will be forwarded to that office. All requests will be placed on standby until we receive a confirmation back from the corresponding office.

It is recommended that you have an Authorized Rainbow Service Center inspect your HEPA Neutralizer after two years of use. After five years of use, the HEPA Neutralizer should be replaced (by an Authorized Service Center) to ensure your Rainbow performs its best.

When you believe you have earned a gift, simply, submit a Gift Request Form (located under the gifts section of this website). Once you have received an approval email from our verification department, then you may pick up your gifts at our office, or we can ship them to you, or your earned items can be brought to you by our reps on your next scheduled appointment. WOW – that is easy!

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