We decided to do a demo for my sister to help her out with her program. My husband and I both agreed we were not going to buy anything. In fact, when the rep arrived, I told her that I wasn’t buying it. She did the first half of the demo and I was still saying, “I’m not buying this!”…. Then she started the vacuum part…. it took ONE swipe across my rug for me to say, “Hold up…I need this thing!” I had JUST vacuumed that rug right before she got to my house that night. The amount of dirt she pulled up in half a second was insane!

We decided to do the program because I was determined to get mine for free. I did my 12 demos and my bonus sale in less than 30 days! I got all of the attachments, a 5 day cruise for 2, 2 car purifiers, 3 rain mates, 4 big bottles of cleaners, and 3 boxes of 4 fragrances…FOR FREE!! It was pretty easy and I actually enjoyed it! I was able to learn a lot about how to use my rainbow and I got to visit with family and friends! We just received an email today that our program was successful and we would be getting our money back along with our bonus check!!! This program is the way to go!!